English soccer fans erupted into riots last night in Marseille leaving several injured

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One England football fan and one local man have been arrested after police used tear gas to break up trouble in Marseille ahead of Euro 2016.
Earlier reports had said two England fans were arrested, but this was later clarified by French police.
Ch Supt Steve Neill, a British policeman in Marseille, said the "confrontation" had been between local youths and some England fans.
Police said Thursday night's incident had been dealt with quickly.
The clash with locals took place outside a pub in the Old Port district at about midnight.
Four French policemen had been lightly injured as they moved in on England fans, the news website France Bleu reported. Many of the fans had been drunk, it said.
After the tear gas was released, the police restored calm to the area at about 02:30 local time.
There had been no damage to local property, they said.
'Small minority'

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