FLASHBACK: Malcom X-The makeup and physiology of the Muslim movement is to murder

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In an interview on June 8, 1964, Malcolm X declared, "I probably am a dead man already." He was aware of the fact that the NOI wanted him dead and understood that he was in serious danger.

"When you know—when you understand the makeup of the Muslim movement and the psychology of the Muslim movement, as long as any—I myself, by having confidence in the leader of the Muslim movement, if someone came to me and I had no knowledge whatsoever of what had taken place, and they told me what I'm saying, I would kill them myself. The only thing that would prevent me from killing someone who made a statement like this, they would have to be able to let me know that it's true. Now if anyone had come to me other than Mr. Muhammad's son, I never would have believed it even enough to look into it. But I had been around him so closely, I had seen indications of it—of its—of the reality of it, but my religious sincerity made me block it out of my mind."

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