DNC Committee Meeting goes off the rails when a Skype call interrupts with 113 second ringtone

Posted by moku 3 years ago in Funny
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One of the longest continuous ringtones in history made its debut appearance at a DNC Platform Committee meeting on Friday.

The ringing went on for 113 seconds. Most people can’t get their cell phones to ring for that long.

As eyes darted and people awkwardly looked around, there seemed to be no attempt to try to silence the ringing. The speakers tried to continue discussing issues at hand, specifically the environment.

“Sorry, do I just–” one speaker started to say. “OK.” And she continued.

When the speaker finished, the panel thanked for her testimony. In an attempt to continue ignoring the obnoxiously loud ringtone, Congressman Elijah Cummings (D., Md.) passed to the floor to Dr. Michael Mann.

The ringtone was so loud that it was hard to hear what Dr. Mann specialized in, but according to the banner at the bottom of the screen, he works in the Earth Systems Center at Penn State.

About seven seconds into his speech, the ringtone was finally shut off.

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