This is what Europe will look like 25 years after the Islamic Invasion

Posted by moku 2 years ago in War
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"I am proud to be Asian" - said the Asian
"I am proud to be African" - said the African
"I am proud to be Jewish - said the Jew
"I am proud to be an Arab" - said the Arab

"I am proud to be European" - said the evil, racist, homophobe, white, intolerant, right-wing, hateful antisemitic supremacist Nazi oppressor

The indigenous population of Europe and Americans with European ancestry are slowly dying due to birth rates far below replacement level - the result of a deliberate attempt of the government, which no longer represents its own people - to completely wipe out Europeans and replace it with foreigners.

Cultural Marxism is destroying all values that made Europe into what it is today: Through radical feminism, consumerism, homosexualization, apathy, self-censorship and political correctness, degeneracy and pornography, moving away from traditional values, giant scale import of foreigners and indoctrination of a guilt-culture it is killing what is left of the European population.

Every year, millions of so-called "refugees"; Young, Central African men and Muslims loaded with testosterone, bring their cultural enrichment to Europe in the form of rape epidemics, murders, robberies, littering and harassing and beating up Europeans. Their fertility is magnitudes higher than that of native Europeans, so whites being a minority in nearly all European countries by 2050 is guaranteed.

This "diversity"-insanity is happening only in white countries - nobody is forcing the Chinese, Africans, Arabs or Jews to become more "culturally diverse". Cultural diversity means nothing more than hunting down the last white person.

Multiculturalism will go down in future history books as the biggest genocide and biological experiment in human history. If we do not act now, we will be nothing more than a remnant of the past. No other culture has ever shown tolerance to anybody except whites, so we will not be met with any tolerance once we become the minority.

Whoever supports Multiculturalism has either been indoctrinated by leftist propaganda and state TV

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