Trump Float ATTACKED During 4th Of July Parade

Posted by moku 3 years ago in News
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The 4th Of July Parade in Burien, WA, just outside of Seattle, got hectic when a Donald Trump float passed by Elmers Bar and dozens of people began throwing water balloons, spraying water, and hurling other debris at the Trump supporters.

KIRO7 reporter Henry Rosoff reported on the story and did his best to cover up for the incident, by claiming that the people throwing the balloons were doing it as a "friendly" gesture, because coming up behind the Trump float was the Fraternal Order of Eagles float, which apparently engages in water battles with parade attendees as part of an annual tradition. ( Video of Henry Rosoff reporting via his facebook video.

That's odd, because apparently this hack reporter doesn't realize that the Trump people weren't looking for any kind of water war, and in fact, in one of the videos posted on YouTube, you can hear a guy narrating the action, laughing in surprise as the Trump float is attacked, and encourages children nearby to BOO the float and even joins them BOOING. In other videos, you can clearly hear other people BOOING the float as they start to launch the water balloons.

A local Burien website, The B Town Blog, reports :

"The parade this year could have been great. Could have but because of the actions of some old “kids”. Old because they were all over 21, kids because they were acting like a bunch of brats that needed their bottoms spanked.

This was disgusting bunch of drunken old men who were allowed by the management and supported by management to stand outside and get drunk, fill water balloons and throw them at whomever they did not like. In this case a truck with Trump signs. More than just water balloons were thrown as well making the truck owner very irate.

The fact that we had a woman on the truck, over 70 years old, get hit in the face by something, makes this all the more disgusting.

The Seattle Post Intelligencer adds:

"The dancing, smiling, sign-waving Trump supporters in an open wagon pulled by a giant pickup with an elaborate TRUMP logo painted red, white and blue along the side and big TRUMP posters did their best to show enthusiasm for their candidate for president of the United States of America ... but they were in a Trump float.

So, instead of silence or cold-shoulders or, heck, some signs of support, the Trump supporters were loudly booed, flipped off and forced to dodge water balloons and hard candy, tossed by kids, middle-age adults and even a couple of elderly folks.

One Trump supporter had to use his sign to block incoming projectiles as the float crawled along the street. He smiled and tried to make light of it, but the missiles were coming in pretty hard and fast.

Frankly, I've never seen anything quite like it. I've heard boos and hisses at parades before, but at the Burien parade little kids were encouraged by their parents to throw stuff at the Trump supporters. They threw candy hard enough to ricochet, and one piece smacked a supporter good and hard on the forehead.

Maybe a counter contingent would have hurled insults and missiles at a Clinton float if there had been one. But I doubt it. Not because Clinton isn't viscerally disliked by plenty of people, but because she and other candidates simply haven't inspired the kind of juvenile-yet-dangerous backlash that Trump has."

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