Man put in the hospital for 9 days after a Muslim sucker punched him for smoking on Ramadan

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A man was punched by a passerby on June 26 in the Fatih district of Istanbul for allegedly smoking before iftar during Ramadan.

The victim, 23-year-old Gökay Çetin, was smoking outside during a break in his work as a salesperson at a clothing store. An unidentified assailant riding a motorbike then pulled up and started to argue with him before aiming a strong punch at the man’s chin.

City surveillance camera footage captured the incident and shows Çetin falling over and hitting his head after being punched.

After attempts to bring Çetin round, his assailant took him to a nearby hospital.

Çetin was discharged on July 4, nine days after the assault, suffering from cerebral bleeding. His assailant was released by police after giving his testimony.

“I got off my motorbike and smoke from a cigarette came toward me while I was walking. I said: ‘We are in Ramadan, at least smoke without making it obvious.’ He replied: ‘Am I the only one who is smoking? Did you only notice me?’ Then I punched him. He fainted and I tried to resuscitate him, then I took him to hospital,” the attacker reportedly said in his testimony.

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