Whale shark poops on diver filming it from behind

Posted by Heisenberg 2018 years ago in Funny
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ISLA MUJERES, Mexico, July 7 - A whale shark off the coast of a Mexican island showed its distaste for a diver shooting video by defecating on the man and his camera. A video posted to YouTube by user Julian shows the diver using a GoPro camera and a selfie stick to shoot video of two whale sharks off Isla Mujeres in Mexico. The man turns the camera to face himself as he swims behind the sharks and a cloud of feces can then be seen leaving the posterior of the closest shark and surrounding the man and his camera. The man, realizing he is being defecated on, first attempts to push the fecal cloud away from him before finally surfacing and giving a disgusted look to the camera. "A whale shark decided to relieve itself right when I dove down to try and film from underneath," the man wrote in the video's description. "I'd like to say that's the first shark to [expletive] on me, but its not."

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