Shop Owner Ignores Burglar And Continues To Serve Customers

Posted by Heisenberg 2018 years ago in Funny
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A New Zealand burglar sheepishly left a restaurant empty handed after the owner ignored his threats and carried on making souvlaki. The balaclava clad thief, holding what appeared to be a weapon in one hand and a bag in the other marched into the shop in Christchurch on May 28 and signalled for the owner to open the register. The unfazed owner ignored the thief's requests and continued handing an order to a frightened customer who quickly took his food and fled. The owner then turned his back on the thief and calmly walked away. The bewildered burglar removed his bag from the counter and left the shop empty handed and confused. Canterbury police posted the CCTV footage on their Facebook page which has garnered dozens of comments. " Love the way the other guy grabs his kebab keeping a close eye on the thug and gets out of there," one user wrote. "Haha, the dude that still gets his souvlaki during a robbery. Hunger stops at nothing," wrote another.

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