Nothing to see here, just some fat drunk guys brawling on a boat

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Authorities say charges are pending against boaters who were involved in a fight while onboard a small vessel along a river in Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

The incident occurred over the weekend during the Cambridge Yacht Club’s Annual Regatta along the Choptank River.

Daryl Newhouse, who posted video of the incident on Facebook, says she and others were in the Regatta’s safety patrol boat when they spotted a craft they say was interfering with the race and was jeopardizing the safety of the racing boats. Newhouse said that the safety boat tried to hail the craft down and began to follow it when it would not stop. She also said that she believed the boaters appeared to be under the influence of alcohol and were operating the craft erratically.

Two men, an occupant and a man who appeared to be controlling the boat, came to blows while Newhouse continued to record video. At one point in the video it appeared that at least one of the men might fall overboard.

Newhouse said that fight caused over $3000 in damage to the boat the men were aboard. Maryland’s Natural Resources Police said charges are pending against at least one of the men involved in the fight.

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