Brother of the Milwaukee man shot by a black police officer claims black people don't have Second Amendment rights

Posted by moku 2018 years ago in News
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Listen as the brother of the Milwaukee man Sylville Smith, who pointed his gun had a black officer and lost the draw complains that black people don't have Second Amendment rights.

listen as he claims "it's all a set up" and that police officers will shoot black people regardless if they have a concealed carry permit or not.

What this man failed to leave out is that his brother aimed a gun at a police officer and was subsequently shot because of that. He also leaves out, his brother had an extensive history of criminal activity.

So once again, we have an individual making wild accusations with little to no fact to back it up just because his brother decided to be an idiot and pull a gun on a police officer.

Matter of fact, the next a video posted after this will show armed black men walking through the streets of Los Angeles in military fatigues.

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