[Graphic] 28 yr old Landlord attacks 2 women over loud music, bites their faces, then brutally beats them

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A 28-year-old man is arrested for aggravated assault after having beaten and bitten several people in a gratuitous assault.

What started as an innocent evening in Motala ended up as a gory horror scenario

Early Thursday was a 28-year-old man berserk and attacked several people in Motala in Sweden with both punches and bites their faces. Friday the man was arrested on suspicion of, among other serious violence.

Now choose one of the two sisters, who were exposed to violence, to tell his story to the Swedish newspaper Expressen.

- I think I look like a monster, and that he has ruined the rest of my life, says Danielle Siljebäck, 25, who has been bitten and turned his face to a pulp by a man.

- I had to go back to the hospital. My bite-wound is larger, because he almost tore half my kind of, and antibiotics do not work yet. They put me on intravenous, she says to Expressen

Danielle says that she and two friends met a new acquaintance and agreed to bathe and get some beer. The evening went smoothly until the landlord asked them to quiet down. The 28-year-old man then reacted with anger. And it was just worse, also the girls asked him to quiet down.

- There began the beatings, says Danielle.

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