"Shariah Patrols" are now enforcing Islamic laws in East London, harrassing gays and women

Posted by moku 2 years ago in War
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In some London neighborhoods, pro-ISIS British jihadists go on "Sharia patrols" to discourage behavior they deem un-Islamic. When fully implemented, like in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Yemen or the Islamic state, being a kafir (disbeliever), being homosexual, walking without a veil as a women and blasphemy is punished by death. Theft is punished with amputation, adultery with stoning. To keep the (now majority Muslim) community of East London safe, Sharia Patrols walk the streets and remind the remaining English citizens that their actions are not compatible with Islam and that they are not welcome in their territory.

Women going outside without a veil (Hijab, Niqab or Burka) as well as drinking alcohol, gambling or being homosexual is strictly haram (forbidden) in Islam,

While no one is being executed (yet), British women are encouraged to "cover up", public drinking of alcohol is shunned and homosexuals are persecuted as well as physically and verbally abused.

One of the men patrolling the streets says he is looking forward to having Sharia fully implemented in all of the UK, Europe and eventually America.

Given the demographics and staggering birth rate of Muslims, his dreams will likely come true within decades.

Criticizing or even mentioning any of these things will get you fined or imprisoned for "hate speech" or "religious intolerance" in Europe. Many Brits therefore keep silent to keep out of trouble with the hate laws and prefer to flee major cities to live in more rural areas instead. This has lead to Brits being a minority in their own capital as well as other major cities.

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