FIGHTING BACK! Lorry drivers give stowaway migrants a good beatdown in Calais

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Shocking footage appears to show lorry drivers in Calais ferry port savagely beating up illegal immigrants who were hiding in the backs of trucks. The video posted on Facebook by a Romanian driver on Sunday shows four men crawling out from a tight space in the back of a lorry. The first two stowaways manage to flee but a man dressed in a fluorescent jacket grabs the third and violently beats him over the head while a security official's dog barks aggressively at him. When the last man falls on the ground, he is dragged away from the camera's gaze but the same driver is still filmed kicking the man as he lies helpless on the ground.

Hiding in the backs of trucks has long been one of the most common ways for illegal immigrants to sneak into the UK via Calais ferry port - while thousands live in camps built around the town.

Drivers can be fined up to £2,000 for every stowaway found on their vehicle and the responsibility falls on them to prove they did everything possible to prevent such an incident.

In January, a Human Rights Watch report said immigrants living there experienced regular harassment and abuse at the hands of French police.

Illegal immigrants living a make-shift existence on the outskirts of town reported being beaten and attacked with pepper spray as they tried to hide in trucks to escape to the UK.

Several thousand, most from Sudan, Eritrea, and Ethiopia, are living either in the camps or sleeping rough on the streets of Calais.

Record numbers of illegal immigrants are being stopped at UK borders, it was revealed in February. Senior officials said 36,000 unlawful stowaways had been discovered since last April.

Sir Charles Montgomery, the director general of the Border Force, said 30,000 were found by British officers at Calais, while 6,000 were detained on UK soil.

In 2013-14, the number caught was half that, at 18,000, he said, but campaigners said the number who actually reached Britain was likely to be far higher, possibly in the hundreds of thousands

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