‘Pedo Hunter’ Confronts Child Predator After Posing As 14-Year-Old On Facebook

Posted by The King Slayer 2 years ago in WTF
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Skip about 30 seconds into the video: Just as quick as you can catch them, another slime-ball pops up. This vigilante goes by the “Pedo Hunter”. He takes his convos a little further than some of the other Pedo catches we have seen. The video that came out today showed him meeting a guy in which he claims is a paedophile planning on meeting a girl who was only 14. ‘Pedo Hunter’ approached the man in a shopping centre and reveals a number of messages between himself and the man. Once confronted the man claims he is not the person in the messages but BUSTED the dude seems to be wearing the same shirt. The cops busted the guy but again said that vigilantes can find themselves in trouble. And warned more of these guys to stop doing it. ‘Any vigilante action of persons who have no concept of how to produce admissible evidence in court could leave that person open to criticism or civil action,’ he said.

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