Bizarre moment a shoplifter uses an UMBRELLA and a large white sheet to cloak their identity

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in CCTV
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This is the bizarre moment a thief walks into a shop in China brandishing an umbrella and a white sheet to cloak their identity. The CCTV footage was taken on an in-store camera in the city of Liaoyang. It shows the cunning crook creeping their way slowly over to the goods, making sure not to be seen by the security surveillance. A second camera appears to show the robber holding a large bag to store the stash. The crook has every angle covered, and it is practically impossible to identify them. They then make off with their plunder in the middle of the night. The robbery was carried out on 13 September at around 2am. In the theft around £1000 worth of cigarettes was reportedly stolen. The shopkeeper handed the footage over to the police, but the suspect is still thought to be at large.

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