Man's Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone explodes 'like a firework' just INCHES from his face

Posted by The King Slayer 2 years ago in WTF
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A man's Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploded next to his bed "like a firework" leaving his room filled with smoke. Darren Healy jolted awake to the terrifying sound of his phone exploding just inches from his face. He said: “I went to bed and next thing I know, I was in a nightmare. I heard this hissing sound – my phone looked like a firework going off and the room was filled with smoke. “I was so scared. We have three cats and I just wanted to get them and run out the house.” Quick-thinking Darren from Longsight grabbed the phone using a t-shirt and threw it in the sink, but the smoke lingered in the room for hours and caused damage to the bedside table, reports Manchester Evening News

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