Mugger gets run over by victim: Immigrant gets revenge against man who robbed him

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in WTF
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A man who was mugged at gunpoint in Philadelphia late Monday night got some vehicular revenge on his assailant. The Portuguese immigrant was with his family and getting cash from a drive-thru ATM when the robber approached his vehicle, reported citing police. Police say the robber held the driver and his family at gunpoint, before grabbing the cash and making a run for it. The victim drove off following the robbery, but went back to look for his debit card. When he returned to the scene of the crime he spotted the robber, and sped toward him. As the victim rammed him with his car, the assailant stabbed a knife through the windshield. The driver then exited his vehicle and retrieved his card and cash from the robber and went home, reported. Police say surveillance footage confirms the driver’s version of events and he won’t face charges. His attacker meanwhile suffered some nasty head injuries and will be in hospital for at least a week.

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