Angry Player Punches Referee After Being Sent Off in Zimababwe And The Referee Fights Back!

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in Sports
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Red cards have always been a emotive part of football, but when you see one you've got to try and keep all your emotions in check. Stay calm, keep it all together, don't overreact. And that goes for the referee as well. Unfortunately none of that was in evidence in Zimbabwe's Southern Region division at the weekend, when a bizarre incident saw a player punch the referee who had just sent him off, and then the referee fight back! The clash between Vic Falls Tigers and Amagagasi descended into chaos when the referee gave the Vics Falls No. 4 his marching orders, only to then be on the receiving end of his flying fists. The ref wasn't having it though, and responded with a few haymakers of his own.

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