FLUFF PIECE : Hillary Clinton's campaign manager repeatedly lies on 'The View' about the Clinton foundation scandal

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Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, repeatedly lied Tuesday, claiming that Hillary has been completely transparent about donors to the Clinton Foundation when in reality information on thousands of individuals, including foreign power brokers, has been withheld.

Mook appeared on The View and was asked about the Clinton Foundation by co-host Paula Faris.

“In terms of the donations and things, though, that have been brought up about where those donations went, the types of countries that received them, things like that, those types of accusations, is she ready to be open and transparent about those things and stand for or against what those countries that received those donations stand for?” Faris asked.

Mook attempted to spin the question by claiming that Clinton’s foreign donors were interested in charitable causes.

“I think that she is happy. You know, first of all, she took, they took donations from countries like Norway that wanted to help save lives, Australia, to save people from dying from AIDs,” Mook said. “Donald Trump can call that a scandal. I think it’s a wonderful thing that they were saving lives around the world and she’s proud of that.”

Of course, Mook did not mention that it is documented that some foreign donors are from Saudi Arabia, UAE and other countries that have shocking records of human rights abuses, including subjugating women and imprisoning or even executing gay people.

The View hosts, surprisingly, pressed Mook on the transparency issue, asking if Clinton has released a full list of the donors.

“Let me ask you this question: Is all the information on the donations been made clear? I mean, everybody has seen it?” Co-host Whoopi Goldberg asked.

“All the donations are public,” Mook replied.

“They know where the donations went, who they came from, what they did. So, those are not in question. That’s all there, all their money that she’s earned, it’s all where it came from, who got it?” Goldberg asked.

“It’s all public, yep,” Mook said.

This is a manifestly provable lie.

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