Man Escapes Death by Leaping Over an Out of Control Car at the Last Second

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in Accidents
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The video, which is thought to have been filmed in Italy, shows the miraculous near-miss in heart-stopping detail. But in the distance and out-of-control motor is hurtling towards him. The blue Citroen 2CV straightens but makes a beeline towards the man in the yellow t-shirt. He takes a pace, but realising he won’t get out of the way fast enough he makes a huge leap away from the road. At that exact moment the car passes right behind him — missing his own car too. The speeding car then ploughs into the wall just below the CCTV camera. The force of the impact is so strong that the driver’s head can be seen smashing through the windscreen, which suggests that he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. But he quickly emerges from the car without appearing to be badly injured. The man in the yellow t-shirt also picks himself off the floor and appears to have given himself a bad limp. But it’s not as bad as what could have been…

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