Angry Giraffe Blasts The Life Out Of A Lion In Shock Knockout Victory

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in Animals
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The video begins with a lone lioness waiting patiently in the undergrowth as her prey charges toward her. With one giant leap, she attempts to climb aboard its long neck to deliver a fatal bite to the jugular. But the giraffe has other ideas, body slamming the cat and sending it crashing to the ground in a ball of fur and legs. Not done delivering a beating, the giraffe stomps all over the disorientated animal before charging off into the distance and making its escape. The footage has been seen by more than 97,000 people since it was posted on image sharing site Imgur this week. “Giraffes are straight up savages,” read one comment. “They only sleep for 30 minutes a day and they kill lions pretty easily.” Another viewer said: “They are the 4th largest land species and the fastest of the four by a fair bit. “Long legs and sharp hooves make for mighty hard kicks and they'll just stomp a hole right through you and spend the next half hour awkwardly shaking your mangled carcass off their ankle.” The average male giraffe weighs more than 1000kg and can run at speeds of up to 37mph. By comparison, a fully grown male lion weighs around 250kg – around four times less. There was only going to be one winner.

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