Woman Discovers 'Ghost' On Bedroom Cam As She Sleeps

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in CCTV
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Iris Alamo is seen sleeping in her bed at her house in Chicago, US. All seems normal enough, until suddenly the bedroom door flies open. With no one in view other than the sleeping Iris, there is no explanation for the event. But that was just the beginning. An eerie orb appears to separate from the door and float across the room. At the same moment, the covers of the bed are mysteriously pulled off Iris. As the orb goes out of shot, a spine-chilling bang rings out and finally she is woken up. She sits bolt upright, clearly confused by the loud noise. To alleviate her terror, Iris then turns on the bedroom light – which almost immediately turned itself off again. The video was posted to Facebook, with the caption: “Took almost a year but finally caught something on video. “This is probably why I can’t sleep at night.”

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