Guy screams "Bill Clinton is a rapist" during a live segment on Fox News outside

Posted by moku 2 years ago in News
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An onlooker interrupted a Fox News live outdoors shot Saturday, repeatedly yelling “Bill Clinton is a rapist” before being removed by security.

The incident occurred just before 8 a.m. as “Fox & Friends” hosts Tucker Carlson, Abby Huntsman and Ed Henry were live from the streets of midtown Manhattan, introducing a segment on a charity event for shelter pets.

Among the onlookers behind the hosts, a man appearing to be in his twenties climbed a security railing and removed his outer shirt, revealing underneath a t-shirt with Clinton’s face and the word “rape.”

He yelled “Bill Clinton is a rapist” five times, clinging to the security railing as security forces wrestled him out of the shot.

"We've got a very excited young man behind us," joked a laughing Tucker Carlson.

The heckler briefly escaped from security and was able to work his way back behind on camera. The producers took the hosts off camera as a precaution, placing a generic graphic of the “Fox & Friends” logo on the screen instead for a few seconds until it security had complete control of the situation.

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