Man running for municipal office in Juneau Alaska has a Twitter account for big breasted women

Posted by moku 2018 years ago in Funny
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A Twitter account that appears to belong to a municipal candidate in Juneau, Alaska, shows hundreds of posts related to large-breasted women.

William Quayle Jr is running for a seat at the Juneau city assembly. His name and photo appear on the account.

The messages, which began in 2009, consist of comments about large breasts - and how pregnancy and breastfeeding supposedly enlarge them - and attempts to engage with professional adult models.

Quayle told KTOO-FM that he didn't want to discuss his fetishes. He did not explicitly deny, nor confirmed, that the account is his.

A pinned tweet, currently at the top of the account's timeline, appears to show Quayle in front of a 'welcome to Juneau' sign.

The accompanying message reads: 'I am running for Juneau city assembly.' The election is set for Tuesday.

There are currently 409 posts on the account. Some of the messages share political views and dismiss Donald Trump.

But dozens of posts document a fixation on large breasts.

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