Nasty Groom Slaps Bride's Hand Away As She Tries To Feed Him

Posted by The King Slayer 2 years ago in WTF
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Married life is unlikely to prove to be a piece of cake for this pair, judging by what happened at their wedding reception. According to the title of the video, they had been joined as man and wife for just quarter of an hour when they fell out as they cut their wedding cake. The man feeds the woman some cake with a spoon as music plays in the background. But when it comes to her turn to spoon-feed the groom, she teases him by repeatedly pulling the spoon away. At this point her new husband sees red and smacks her arm away in annoyance. The clip - filmed in an unspecified location - ends with him looking angry and her looking upset. Some viewers found the clip entertaining. 'I'm sure it will be one smooth journey on the love train,' remarked one.

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