Ukraine War 2016 - Helmet Cam Of Ukrainian Reconnaissance Unit In Frontline Combat Operation

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in War
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Pov GoPro helmet cam footage of a Ukrainian recon unit operating during combat on the frontline of eastern Ukraine has surfaced online. The video shows the Ukrainian recon team maneuvering through the combat zone under fire while heavy clashes and fireights between Ukrainian forces and Novorossian units can be heard at some stages of the video. After several close calls the unit is seen in defensive position inside a house engaging Novorossian troops out of sight of the camera but belive us they are there. It is unclear which units were involved in the battle and which unit filmed this recon operation on the frontline. Also it seems the ecact area of operation is also not disclosed for Opsec reasons but guessing from the current stalemate in the Ukrainian war it has either to be somewere around Donetsk region where the fighting is reported to be the most intense or the area around Luhansk could be a possible. The video was apparently firstly released by a YouTube Channel called People’s which is a Ukrainan military and civil crowdfunding platform.

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