Sweden just released five men convicted of raping a paralyzed woman

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Gotland tiimoilta Saturday night rape Visby decided to let the prosecution of suspected rapists go free. The police took the catch at that time six men, five of whom were suspected of aggravated rape, but now the prosecutor Mats Wihlborg decided not to require the trapped men.

The woman's lawyer, the course of events is roughly as follows: the woman was a restaurant after an evening on the way home by taxi and he took a shared taxi with one of the suspect. The woman had to this point to get to the bathroom. The woman did not have any doubts about things. However, the man visited the woman attacked when he was going to the toilet, after which the woman is probably levied on the bed and rape has been extended with male friends. So probably this happened to the man's apartment.

The woman alerted the police early on Sunday morning.

According to the prosecutor at the present time there is no longer the so-called. epäillä- probable cause, which is the greatest degree of suspicion.

- Act of self does not place violence or the threat of force, but rather, they are used for the benefit of the woman's helplessness. The victim (urhin) report is not so credible that the imprisonment could build on it. It is so different from the reports of suspects. Therefore, I decided not to require the detention.

In other words, the prosecutor said that when a woman is partially paralyzed and unable to resist, and the men did not have to intimidate a woman, for example, by beating this quiet, so this makes it a crime to alleviate.

The victim's lawyer Staffan Fredriksson, the woman who did not rape situation, kicked and fight it as it is assumed, will face later in the legal process altavastaaja- drive.

Men deny the crimes. One recognizes previous experience with the sex of the victim, but on a voluntary basis. According to studies, show that at least one other of those present had intercourse with the woman.

Studies on the issues involved are continuing mm. DNA studies and technical crime scene investigation. Suspected crimes against men is still present, but they are not, the prosecutor should be kept in custody.

Social media is currently in Sweden with overdrive. Dozens of forum chains is planned for approximately the rebellion, which of course does not arise. The case was now only one of many and it caused a small acceleration. Next week will be a new incident and this sinks into oblivion.

Such accidents of the same kind of gradually arriving to Finland. Finnish works just as well as Swedish at random After- somessa accelerate at least a little bit, and requires saunantakusia. A week later, a new story tiimoilta to accelerate again, but the Scandinavians a leisurely pace agitation will only someraivoksi.

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