Unprepared Howard Dean resorts to the typical "Deny, Deny, Deny" tactic when confronted with information he clearly hasn't looked over

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Former Democratic Party chair Howard Dean was not prepared for his interview on Monday afternoon when MSNBC asked him about the FBI releasing new documents revealing a “quid pro quo“ conversation between the State Department and FBI regarding Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

One of the released documents reveal notes from an interview that the FBI conducted internally with an official in the records management division, Politico reported, revealing senior State official Patrick Kennedy requesting an email from Clinton’s server have its classification altered:

In an exchange that included redacted names, the interview notes state that “[REDACTED] received a call from [REDACTED] of the International Operations Division (IOD) of the FBI, who ‘pressured’ him to change the classified email to unclassified. [REDACTED] indicated he had been contacted by PATRICK KENNEDY, Undersecretary of State, who had asked his assistance in altering the email’s classification in exchange for a ‘quid pro quo.’”

Thomas Roberts asked Dean to comment on this new release and explain how Clinton’s presidential campaign was going to get in front of the story.

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