Clinton Surrogate, Secretary Of State, Alex Padilla, Gets Served Election Fraud Papers during a Hillary Clinton Fundraiser

Posted by moku 2 years ago in News
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Alex Padilla, Secretary of State of California, is getting sued for the second time concerning the validity of votes for the Democratic Party presidential primaries that took place on June 7 between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

In late May, Bernie Sanders supporters were quick to point out that there were independent election fraud organizations suing the person in charge of California votes: Secretary of State Alex Padilla.

Around May 20, videos were created by Bernie Sanders supporters such as one posted on YouTube titled “Lawsuit To Defend California Voters’ Rights.”

This video states that there were a couple of key issues with the California primaries voting process. For example, there was conflicting information sent to some California voters, including a vote-by-mail ballot application with the wrong dates because the registrar’s office said the “deadline to request a mail-in ballot from one of the three parties was March 18.”

They stated the secretary of state’s website for California explained that voters have “up to seven days before the elections to get their mail-in votes in,” which, in this case, was May 31 to vote in the June 7 primaries elections. They also discussed that some voters have received the wrong mail-in ballot for their party preferences.

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