Italians are doing their best to keep African migrants from swarming their town, now they're barricading roads to keep buses from entering

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12 women and their children, all African migrants, were supposed to be relocated to Goro and Gorino, two tiny towns in the Po Delta region in Italy.

The inhabitants of the towns, wary of the consequences having had previous experience with relocations, erected barricades across the access roads to the towns, stopping the migrant bus.

Two individuals also locked the hostel where the migrants would be received.

After a day of attempts by the police to make them stand down, the migrants were relocated elsewhere.

This video shows the Marshal of the Carabinieri in Ferrara tell the townsfolk "There are pregnant woman among them". One response he received was "I don't give a shit".

Another: "The prefect can take the pregnant women and put them in his home. He is using them as an excuse to put them up our ass" (force them to accept refugees).

Someone else screams, amid applause: the citizens of Goro and Gorino don't want them!

Regional councilor from the Northern League Party, Alan Fabbi, hailed the protesters as “heroes of the resistance against the tyranny of acceptance.”

“Thanks to those who have risen this night, thanks to those who fought to win democracy and common sense,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

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