Podesta squirms on Face the Nation, trying to defend the dragon lady

Posted by moku 2 years ago in News
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In an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta says Huma Abedin has been "completely cooperative" with authorities.

"John, she hasn't been completely cooperative if she didn't turn over every device that had State Department emails on them," replied Tapper. "And this one computer did."

Tapper follows up: "Have you asked Huma Abedin what is on the computer and why she didn't turn it over when she said she had surrendered all of her devices?"

"We don't know what computer Mr. Comey is talking about," Podesta said. "You're assuming a lot of facts that we don't know. As I said, she has been fully cooperative with the authorities. And they have recognized that. We could sit here and speculate--"

"I'm not speculating sir," Tapper said. "Our reporting is that it was a laptop computer that belonged to Anthony Weiner, and they found State Department emails on that laptop. That's reporting, not speculation. You have access to Huma Abedin, I don't. Have you asked her how this happened?"

"I don't think she knows anything more than what we've seen in the press today," Podesta claimed.

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