Polish girl speaks out against the Migrant Invasion, Overwhelmingly backs Trump's Immigration plan

Posted by moku 2 years ago in News
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This video shows a Polish girl who is patriotic to Polish/European/Christian culture speaking out against dangerous Muslim leaders and Muslim migrants. God Bless her! Her patriotic speech was emblematic of the massive Polish rallies against Muslims across Poland in 2015.

It is clear by these MASSIVE Polish PROTESTS against dangerous Third World migrants... that the Polish people SUPPORT Mr. Trump's Immigration Policy.

This Polish girl was speaking out at the time in front of a building of a Leftist/Communist newspaper....that was trying to encourage Poles to take in dangerous Muslim migrants. It should be noted that Leftist media throughout ALL European nations have been trying to brainwash their people to take in Muslim migrants. But fortunately, the people of Visegrad 4 alliance nations Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic & Slovakia have the wisdom to SEE THROUGH the Pro-Muslim migrant LIES that they push.. and have voted in governments that REJECT Muslim migrants.

Unfortunately, most of the people of West European nations have OBEDIENTLY BELIEVED the LIES of their Leftist Pro-Muslim media and officials and have taken in Muslims, in like Germany.

We have seen how German leaders like the corrupt Angela Merkel and her officials have been devastating Germany with bringing in millions of dangerous Muslim migrants. Unfortunately, most of the German media has also been supporting Angela Merkel’s plan of poisoning Germany and the rest of Europe with hordes of dangerous Anti-European/Anti-Christian Muslim migrants. Sadly it appears most of the German people have OBEDIENTLY gone along with this and have accepted dangerous Muslim migrants in their nation.

So I am pleased to see that there are still Germans like Patriotischer Fruehling who is not fooled by Angela Merkel and her government officials' LIES that Muslim migrants will be “good for Germany and Europe”. There is a Patriotic German group called Pegida that rejects dangerous Muslim migrants. We pray that more Germans will join Pegida.

As for Poland....

It’s no coincidence that it was a Polish King along with Hungarians who SAVED Europe from a huge Muslim army invasion of Europe....at the Gates of Vienna on September 11, 1983. Polish people have always known for centuries about the Muslim threat to Europe.

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