Mom Brutally Beats School Bus Driver In Front Of Terrified Children After Daughter Missed Her Ride!

Posted by The King Slayer 2 years ago in News
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A mother is accused of biting a bus driver's ear during a vicious fight after her daughter missed her ride to school. Keisha Shannon, 28, parked her car in the bus' path, pried the doors open, and attacked driver Deamber Martin, who was sent to a Cincinnati, Ohio, hospital. Police released surveillance footage that showed Shannon yelling expletives before the two women exchanged blows in front of terrified elementary school children. Shannon was dropping her daughter off at the bus stop when she called her back for a goodbye hug, during which the bus drove off. Martin said she had previously warned the mother about leaving on time. But on October 18, Shannon cut in front of the bus on Mustang Drive and parked her car before forcing her way onto the bus, police said. According to the surveillance video obtained by WLWT, Shannon shouted: 'That was just so ignorant. Did you see me coming on this bus though, right? You see me getting my baby on this though right?' She continued: 'You see me giving her a hug though, right? And if I punch you in the f****** face, you're going to be sorry as hell.' The video shows the two women grappling with each other as terrified students at St. Joseph Catholic School cried and screamed 'Mommy!' Martin said she feared for her life, and told WCPO: 'She tried to smother me. She tried to bite my ear off. She was scratching my face. She spit on me twice and she tried to puncture out my right eye as well.' Two adults boarded the bus and tried to intervene, but it wasn't enough to stop the fight, which went on for several more minutes. Shannon, who was arrested and held without bond, is facing misdemeanor assault charges.

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