Michigan Restaurant that tried to Bring Socialism to their business Model, Goes out of Business, as Expected.

Posted by moku 2 years ago in FAIL!
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Let me get this straight – a restaurant with no bosses, no tipping, and everyone gets paid exactly the same closes down. And you all are SURPRISED that this happened?

According to this, the Garden Diner and Cafe (formerly the Bartertown Diner) in Grand Rapids, Michigan, announced that they would be closing their doors. That in itself isn’t terribly notable. Businesses close down from time to time for various reasons. It happens.

But then you find out that their business model is one Bernie Sanders would be proud of. And then it all makes sense.

See, the employees of the Garden Diner were all “equal.” Nobody was the boss, nobody was in charge, everyone made decisions together as a collective. And they didn’t accept tips, because it’s UNFAAAAAAIR that the waitstaff could pocket $200-$300 a night and cooks only got $10/hour –

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