Muslim Black Lives Matter Activists Are Actually Protesting against the Cops Killing a Terrorists on the Ohio College Campus

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Protesters at Ohio State University are upset that police killed the student responsible for last month’s terrorist attack on campus as he was trying to stab others, calling him a victim of police violence.

On Nov. 28, Ohio State student Abdul Razak Ali Artan rammed his car into a crowd of pedestrians before charging people with a butcher knife, sending 11 to the hospital. An Ohio State police officer shot and killed Artan in the middle of the attack, stopping him from harming others.

Posts on Artan’s Facebook page showed that he was inspired by deceased Islamic cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who was an al Qaeda leader in Yemen. The Islamic State called Artan a “soldier” after the attack, and the style of attack was encouraged by ISIS online shortly before the assault, CNN reported.

The panel on Fox News’ show “Outnumbered” discussed the protesters on Monday and castigated them for condemning the police’s actions to stop the attack.

“So what would you have them do?” co-host Harris Faulkner asked, referring to what the protesters would want police to do with an attacker. “Do nothing until he stabbed more people?”

Co-host Kennedy then mentioned how Artan used two forms of deadly force during his attack.

“He’s using two forms of deadly force: a vehicle and a butcher knife,” Kennedy said. “And the only reason he didn’t kill dozens of people is because he wasn’t good at it and because there was a police officer there.”

Co-host Meghan McCain then brought up a comment from a university staff member, who said Artan was a member of the university community and it was inappropriate to celebrate his death or share photos of his body. The university official added that Artan deserved compassion.

“But what about the compassion for the students who were stabbed?” McCain asked.

Some of the student protesters described Artan as a victim of police brutality, saying that justice cannot come from an officer’s gun regardless of the crime. One student gave Artan a eulogy, McCain noted.

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