"Die Crackers" , "F*ck the Pigs" and "Black Power" are just a few of the things you hear the new Black Panthers spewing as they protests police in Wisconsin

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Black Panthers marched in Milwaukee over the weekend to protest police “genocide” of blacks, toting rifles and chanting “black power!” along with profanity-laced epithets against law enforcement.

Other chants included “free us or you die, cracker!” as well as “f*** the pigs” and “f*** the police.”

“This is genocide. It can’t go on,” said Dr. Alli Muhammad with the Revolutionary Black Panther Party, WISN-TV reported. “Any other country, any other people it would be declared as such.”

The Black Panthers called the Sunday afternoon march a “human rights tribunal” in the name of people killed by police, the station said, adding that the group demanded the resignations of the mayor and police chief.

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