Donald Trump's Campaign Advisor Masterfully Schools a CNN Anchor on the Russia Situation

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President-elect Donald Trump’s White House counselor Kellyanne Conway popped up on CNN tonight to discuss Trump’s short statement on President Obama imposing sanctions on R over its hacking of the election. Conway, labeling the New York Times and other outlets as “pro-Obama,” claimed that many of them were saying that part of the reason Obama issued the sanctions was to “box in President-elect Trump.” She also wouldn’t answer if Trump believed R was behind the hacks of the DNC and John Podesta, instead referring to his statement and saying he would take intelligence briefings soon. Eventually, the former Trump campaign manager pivoted to discussing the election within the context of this recent news, bringing up how many electoral votes Trump received and how Hillary Clinton lost states she shouldn’t. “Ever since then the issue of Rking has been discussed in context of the election,” Conway continued. “And that is where the president is saying we should move on. And we should move on because the idea that there is a nexus between the hacking and the election result.” Host Kate Bolduan interrupted Conway, explaining that at this point people aren’t “questioning the election result.” As Conway insisted there are, Bolduan pushed back over the seriousness of the situation. v“This is serious,” Bolduan exclaimed. “This is about a foreign country hacking into the United States electoral process. Regardless, it doesn’t even have to do with the result, even. It is more that they tried to and did.” To see how Conway responded, check out the clip above, via CNN.Conway CNN Full Interview: Will Trump Reverse Sanctions 12/29/16

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