US Navy shows off Laser Weapon System whilst in Arabian Gulf

Posted by The King Slayer 2 years ago in Cool videos
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The US Navy has released this video showing a demonstration of its Laser Weapon System demonstration aboard USS Ponce, whilst in the Arabian Gulf. US Navy ships to fire SUPER LASERS capable of dazzling and destroying the enemy within the next year A US Navy official said that testing of a 150-kW laser weapon could happen soon The US Navy has been using a 30-kW laser weapon on a ship in the Persian gulf The weapon can use optical 'dazzling' and disabling, and lethal destruction The new laser would be five times as powerful, although the US Navy has not said what the weapon would be used for While the US Navy unveiled a 30-kilowatt laser weapon in 2014, it now looks set to reveal an even more powerful weapon - a 150 kw 'super laser'. And it won't be long until the weapon is unveiled, as a naval official has said that it will happen within the next 12 months. The weapon will be capable of dazzling the enemy, disabling their systems and, if needed, completely destroying vessels. While the 30 kilowatt laser proved successful, the US Navy was faced with challenges due to the low power of the weapon. The US Navy has released this graphic of the main components of its latest laser weapon WHAT COULD A LASER BE USED FOR? While the US Navy has not specificed whether the laser could be used for any specific threats, director energy weapons could have a range of used.

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