PROPAGANDA FAIL : Former Mexican President Claims Trump Lost against Mexico despite the Peso Plummeting and Billions of Business Dollars Fleeing

Posted by moku 2 years ago in News
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If you're looking to see just how desperate Mexico has officially become look no further than their former president Vincente Fox. The angry president who was formally destroyed by Donald Trump in several different occasions only to come out and apologize to Trump only to shortly after beginning attacking him again after Trump brushed him off completely. Now Mr. Fox's back and still acting a full. Listen as he claims that despite the peso plummeting in net worth, businesses fling back to the United States in record numbers, he still thinks his country won something. This is nothing more than propaganda in order to get a rise out of Mexicans who don't know any better when it comes to politics. The truth is Mexico is about to go further and further into becoming a Third World nation and it's because of people like Mr. Fox.

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