CNN Interviews a Muslim Airport Detainee and Asks about Trump, Man Replies "I Like Him"

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HAMID: First of all, I want to thank the people that take care of me and support me. They leave their family, their business and come to support me. This is what pushed me to move, to leave my country and come here. And I’m very, very thankful to all of the people who have come to support me. Thank you very much. And always we know America is the land of freedom. The land of freedom, the land of the rights. This is what brought me too came here and I’m very thankful, I’m very happy.

REPORTER: Hamid, what do you think of America?

HAMID: America is the greatest nation, the greatest people of the world.

REPORTER: “What do you think about Donald Trump?”

HAMID: “I like him but this is a policy, I don’t know. He’s the president, I’m a person. I have a special immigration Visa in my passport because I work with the U.S. Government, I support the U.S. Government on the other side of the world. But when I came here, they say no and they treat me as I break the rules or do something wrong. That surprise me. Really I surprised.

REPORTER: “How does that make you feel?”

HAMID: I’m happy because I have you, you America

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