TERRORIST! Leftist Fascist Knockout a Trump supporter entering the Airport, then surround and taunt him as he lie unconscious

Posted by moku 2 years ago in News
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A Donald Trump-supporting preacher was knocked out at the Portland, Oregon, airport on Sunday, with video capturing the dramatic attack during protests of Trump’s controversial immigration ban.

The incident happened during the second day of protests at Portland International Airport, where hundreds of demonstrators showed up to voice their opposition to the executive order signed on Friday that prohibits immigration from a group of Muslim-majority nations.

Police said the protest was peaceful for much of the day, but around 5 p.m. a scuffle broke out between a group of Trump supporters and the protesters. While it’s not exactly clear what led to the fight, video captured a Trump supporter knocked out inside the Portland airport as he scuffled with a group of the protesters.

Another video captured the aftermath, with protesters crowding around the unconscious man, some taunting him and others taking video.

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