Police arrest woman 'epileptic having seizures' on Melbourne street

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in News
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A 17-year-old girl was arrested and put in handcuffs while she was having an epileptic fit in Melbourne on Monday, witnesses have claimed. A video shows the teenager appearing to resist against the cuffs as she lies on the ground, surrounded by police officers. She is believed to have been arrested as police shut down a homeless camp on Flinders Street in the city centre on Monday afternoon. Witness Michael Polanske claimed the girl was having epileptic seizures as she lay on the pavement. His footage shows a pillow has been placed under her head and the police officers appear to be waiting for an ambulance to arrive. Mr Polanske claimed the teenager was 'having seizures' when the officers 'handcuffed her hands behind her back'. The video shows the girl struggling but it is not clear if she was having a medical episode. Another witness also claimed that the girl was unwell when she was placed in handcuffs by the police. 'I went around the back of her, and could see she was still handcuffed,' the witness said. 'She was taken in an ambulance somewhere. She was clearly in a distressed state and will have sore arms and shoulders. I am surprised she does not have a dislocation.' Daily Mail Australia has contacted Victoria Police for comment. It is not known if the teenager has been charged. At least three people were arrested as police shut down the homeless camp on Monday, the Herald Sun reported. It is not clear if the teenager was among them. One woman was arrested for allegedly smashing a glass bottle, another was detained for allegedly assaulting an officer, and police were also seen tackling a teenage boy.

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