African girl thinks black magic can control lightning, attendee mocks, triggers class, gets berated as an ignorant colonizer and modern science needs to be done away with.

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A real scientist had something to say Sunday to a social justice student at the University of Cape Town (UCT) in South Africa after she claimed in a viral video that all science must be torn down and abolished because it is racist.

The video featured the UCT students in a panel claiming that science is racist because much of it was developed outside of Africa, and therefore it must be abolished and torn down.

“Every now and then you come across one of those videos that makes you want to completely lose faith in mankind,” Dr. Phil Mason, a Cornell University chemist and popular YouTube scientist, said in his response video.”Universities are meant to foster the knowledge of mankind and pass it on to the next generation. And when you’re getting this sort of crap in universities, I mean with that level of stupidity in universities, what sort of future can there be for mankind?”

The students in the original video claimed that science is only valid for Westerners, and is entirely constructed from a European perspective.

“Science as a whole is a product of Western modernity and the whole thing should be scratched off. Especially in Africa,” progressive students in a safe-space at UCT said in the original video. “Decolonizing the science would mean doing away with it entirely and starting all over again to deal with how we respond to the environment and how we understand it.”

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