Police Body Cam Footage: Police Taser A Homeless Man In Denver

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in Police videos
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Denver, CO - The video shows Officer Greg Dulayev from Denver Police Department approach some bushes against a concrete wall and orders a man hiding there to come out. The man, identified as Gregory Heard, crawls out. Dulayev orders Heard to stop, and when Heard takes another step forward, Dulayev fires his Taser. Heard falls and Dulayev piles on top, yelling, “Stop resisting! Stop resisting!” During the struggle, Heard tells the officer he can’t breathe and asks to be stood up. He has a bloody nose and mouth, but it is unclear whether those injuries were suffered in a fight before the officer arrived. Dulayev had been called because Heard was fighting with another homeless man. Heard tells officers that he was using crack cocaine. “This guy was told to stop mid-step and got Tased while holding his hands out,” Holland said. “He was visibily unarmed.” In the news release, Heard is quoted as saying, “Residents, along with sworn officers, have a duty to practice accountability when they fall outside of the expected parameters by disobeying the law. After assaulting me unprovoked, Officer Dulayev displayed zero remorse. He laughed at me. The officers treated me like an animal.”

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