DEM CIVIL WAR: Leftist Groups show up at Democrat Portland Mayor Ted Wheelers Home, Harass Him, Refuse to Leave Unless he Bows to Their Demands

Posted by moku 2 years ago in News
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Ted Wheeler got his first house call tonight.

A video posted to Facebook this evening shows a group of demonstrators outside the mayor's West Hills home at some point this evening. Faces and identities aren't clear, but based on the conversation between a berobed Wheeler and demonstrators on his porch, this is apparently the same group that marched on City Hall last Friday, demanding the city do what it can to stymie the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline (divestment in entities that are helping it is a central demand).

The mayor wasn't at City Hall when the demonstrators arrived last week. As has been protocol of late, building security locked the doors so the crowd couldn't get in. Wheeler's deputy chief of staff went out to meet the group.

So now they've gone to the mayor's home, at night, while the Wheeler clan was clearly preparing for bed. That's a step beyond any action taken against former Mayor Charlie Hales, who had campers in front of his Eastmoreland house for a time, but never anything like this.

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