NBC News Repeatedly Tries to Get a Group of Wisconsin Farmers to Bash Trump, EPIC FAIL

Posted by moku 2018 years ago in News
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During a report for Friday’s NBC Today, rural Wisconsin Trump supporters repeatedly frustrated attempts by political analyst Nicolle Wallace to get them to criticize President Trump. The flummoxed journalist noted: “On this farm, the President gets plenty of pasture, even for the controversial travel ban.” Of Trump’s executive order on immigration, dairy farmer Brian Laplant argued: “Maybe he didn't handle it the right way. But is there ever going to be a right way to handle that? If it keeps us safe, maybe that's what we gotta do.” Wallace worried: “Do you think that's in line with our values as a country?” Laplant replied: “There's a small group of radicals that make everyone look bad. There's no good way of handling this.”

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