Nancy Pelosi Goes Full-Blown Libtard, Claims the Only Thing Trump Has Accomplished Is Bringing Fear, Fails to Mention Her Parties Obstruction to Everything He's Tried

Posted by moku 2 years ago in News
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On ABC’s Sunday broadcast of “This Week,” Nancy Pelosi explained how she plans on protesting President Donald Trump’s upcoming address to Congress.

“When he makes his address on the 40 days that he’s been president, he has nothing to show for it but fear in every way,” the House Minority Leader told host George Stephanopoulos. “To people who are sick, fear to people who are immigrants, fear to concern that the greed on Wall Street is taking us back to where we were.”

When prompted by Stephanopoulos, Pelosi stated that it’s “a normal thing” for House Democrats to bring “guests” to Trump’s address, taking place Tuesday evening.

“I myself would bring a guest who is a DREAMER,” she explained. “I would bring a guest who has lost her son to gun violence. I’ll bring a guest who is a symbol of the freedom of the press, which the president, in his authoritarian manner, is attacking.”

“I think that’s really — our biggest guardian of democracy is the First Amendment, the freedom of the press.”

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