Bill Clinton's Former Top Advisor and Speech Writer, Dick Morris, Loves the Fact That Trump Is Finally Going after the Lying Liberal Media

Posted by moku 2018 years ago in News
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Dick Morris has his opinion as to why President Trump is going to war against the media, a perspective that defines the tactic as less defensive than it is offensive. Morris describes it as “a very sage and a very good strategy on his part. Trump understands ratings and circulation better than anybody else. And he knows that the number of households that watch TV news has been dropping.”

Morris says, “He knows that the number that watch cable news, other than Fox, has been dropping, and that the circulation of the major dailies in this country have also been dropping, catastrophically, dramatically. And by attacking the media as the enemy and by portraying their attacks on him as basically the ravings of the opposition party, he’s really fundamentally reducing the impact that the media is going to have.”

“Trump won this election,” he reminds us, “despite the almost unanimous opposition of the establishment media. And he won it because he was able to convince his people, and most of the voters throughout the United States, that the media was biased in its attacks, unfair and pushing fake news. And as Trump makes that point and scores these negative points on the media, and shows up specific stories as being fabricated or inaccurate, he really is able to undermine the credibility of the media. And in the course of doing it,” Morris believes, he’s able to “reduce their ratings, reduce their reach and reduce their power.”

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