FASCIST TACTICS! LEAKED Audio Proves Democrats Are Purposely Creating Hostile Environments at Republican Town Hall Events

Posted by moku 2 years ago in News
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On Friday, February 24, Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) held a town hall event at the Breaux Bridge City Hall. Leaked audio from local news outlet KPEL exposes left wing protesters plotting to create a hostile environment for Cassidy. One of the main goals was to make sure that they dominate the Q&A session to prevent sympathetic questions from being asked or heard. The Daily Caller reported that organizers instructed protesters to blend in with the local constituents (i.e. don’t look like a tree-hugging hippie). The goal was simple: fill the seats and create chaos. The outlet added that local news reported that some locals were turned away due to fire code restrictions.

It was a two-pronged strategy with Cassidy’s town hall, with two teams operating inside and outside of the venue to maximize exposure. The organizer is heard saying that if there are less than 20 people inside, some folks from the outside group should redeploy to inside the hall to fill those seats. They know the media is watching and they want to put on a show for them. Another organizer can he beard instructing members to make sure they spread out, and take the seat closest to the front row. Fill out as many seats as possible and if “the poor people of Breaux Bridge” are sitting behind them, then “tough luck for them,” which drew laughter from the protesters. The Caller reported that one of the organizers on the audio, the one who made the “poor people” comment, has been identified as James Proctor of Indivisible Acadiana, the local chapter of the anti-Trump group that was founded by ex-former Democratic aides, who also a drafted a 26-page document on how to fight back in Trump’s America.

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