Anti-American MSNBC Host, Andrea Mitchell Thinks That Helping Victims of Crimes Perpetrated by Illegal Immigrants Is "Fear Mongering"

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In a contentious interview with Republican Congressman Michael McCaul on her MSNBC show on Wednesday, anchor Andrea Mitchell accused President Trump of “fearmongering” during his address to Congress Tuesday night. His supposed offense? Proposing the creation of a government office to aide the victims of criminal illegal aliens. Mitchell noted: “One of the things he did emphasize is setting up this special so-called V.O.I.C.E. unit within Homeland to deal with the victims of people who’ve been victimized by violent crimes from undocumented immigrants.” Following a clip of that portion of the speech, she grilled McCaul: Now, one might question why an office devoted to the victims of immigration crimes, why the victims there as a guests, when according to fact checks, The New York Times, the Congressional Research Service, The Washington Post, that undocumented immigrants are far less likely to commit violent crimes – other than the crime of coming across the border illegally – than American-born [citizens]....Why this focus? Isn't this trying to arouse people's fears when there really isn't an issue?

The House Homeland Security Committee chairman began to respond: “Well, you know, I was a federal prosecutor, we had an office of crime victims. When I prosecuted a case, we always reached out to the victim of the crime.” Mitchell interrupted: “But not victims specifically of undocumented immigrants. I'm talking about the fearmongering that some would suggest is in play to try to make people afraid of the other, of immigrants – unfairly.” McCaul acknowledged: “Well, I think it's probably true that the majority of illegal immigrants in the country are not, you know, criminal offenders...” However, he also pointed out that “There are a lot of documented cases of criminal aliens perpetrating pretty horrific crimes.” He further explained: I went down there with the Speaker and we got an intelligence briefing about the threats south of the border, the drug cartels, the human trafficking, the drug trafficking, potential terrorists, and those are real issues. And I think there are – you can't dispute that there are victims of criminal alien activity.

Mitchell replied: “No, I'm not disputing that. I'm just saying that the numbers don't add up.” McCaul pushed back: “Well, I think it's real. I've seen case by case of criminal aliens assaulting, you know, innocent Americans.”

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